Allan Gonzalez DFW Dance Photography

I'm Allan

A Texas-based professional photographer, lover of dance, father, and husband.

With a background in dance and a passion for capturing life’s precious moments, I was always compelled to pair the two. Hence, DFW Dance Photography was born!

Now, I get the honor of working with talented dancers, directors, and choreographers through the means of photography. Featuring unique elements and across various settings, I love that every shot tells a different story — A story that highlights dancers in their own light.

I believe that dance is a journey. With that, my goal is to artfully photograph my clients’ progress to create lasting memories throughout their dancing careers. Just as every dancer is different, no two sessions are the same. Each session is catered towards showcasing the art and skill that goes into their craft.

You bring the rhythm; I’ll snap the winning shots. I cannot wait to help you capture these special moments!


Why settle for boring old portraits when you can have amazing dance photos instead?

We love bringing customers’ ideas to life!

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