Dallas – Fort Worth Ballet and Dance Photography with Alizah Wilson

February 25, 2020
Dallas – Fort Worth  Ballet and Dance Photography with Alizah Wilson.

Alizah’s studio dance photoshoot was great. We created several unique images and some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever created. I met Alizah through Kaley Jensen. Remember her? If you haven’t read my blog about her ballet dance photoshoot, you can do so by clicking HERE. Kaley was so nice to recommend my photography to her ballet dance team members at Ballet Dallas.

Alizah and I got on a call to talk more details about the project and concept I wanted to do for her photoshoot, and she was on board right away. I wanted to do something with dresses that would flow with motion and movement. On the day of the photoshoot, we met at YSMD, a studio that I’ve been using a lot located in Arlington, TX. I had purchased several dresses for the photoshoot, and that would give us options for her to choose from. DFW Dance Photography - Alizah Wilson


We started the photoshoot with dresses, and we were able to create lots of beautiful pictures, you can see some of the images on the gallery below, however, one of the images that I enjoyed making is the one you can see on the right. I wanted to create a picture that had both positive and negative space, clean, simple, and that it would make Alizah stand out. I used two lights to make the background white, and then I used two black cardboard pieces taped together to make the black “door” looking area where she’s standing. I used a c-stand to hang the black cardboard, and I used one more light, which is the key light that’s making sure she’s exposed correctly.



DFW Dance Photography - Alizah Wilson

This next picture I wanted to share on the left. We used a couch that’s a prop available to use in the studio. We pulled it to the middle of the studio and started thinking of posing ideas and also how to make the light and mood a little more dramatic. After several tries, we were able to narrow down the hand and leg position and also how the light would play a part in making this picture unique. For this picture, I used two lights. I have one light with a grid behind the couch, maybe 6 feet high, angled down to give her a beautiful hair light and also for the light to fall down soft on the back of the couch. I have one more light with a grid, which is my main source to light her.

These are just two of the many amazing dance pictures we were able to capture during Alizah’s photoshoot. This was a 3-hour photoshoot, and as usual, time flies by when you are having fun! Alizah will be going to New York for a little bit at the beginning of February, but I’ll definitely be working with her again when she’s back in town here in Dallas.

You can see the rest of her dance pictures in the gallery below. Also there are a few rapid-fire questions I asked her so you can get to know a little more about her.


“ Make sure to follow her on Instagram @Alizah ”


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